Challenges in Creating a Ceremony

"I'm getting married quietly in a Registry Office but want to have a party after our Honeymoon. How can I make the party special?"


"I'm getting married where my mother and father were married miles away but want my friends to come." "It's such a tiny church. How can I manage this?"


How many times do you hear this predicament? I've enjoyed helping many friends with similar problems by having a wedding blessing at their party venue, often wearing the special outfits and hearing those lovely wedding vows again.


Sometimes if the wedding is in a church, the vows are not so personal, so by celebrating more informally, the vows can be personalised and therefore more meaningful.


Weddings are the most wonderful of days so to be able to share a ceremony with friends and family after the official event is such a happy time. Sharing these occasions is my greatest delight.


Guide you in creating the perfect ceremony

Celebrants guide you in creating the perfect ceremony for you and your family and friends.  Each wedding and its guests has personal needs, dreams, and ideas about how to celebrate the love and commitment you share.


You can include friends and family in the ceremony, making the day truly magical for everyone, without being overly restrained by formality.  


The ceremony you create with a humanist wedding celebrant reflects your own personal values and beliefs. 

Working with Janice will give you the confidence to choose and create your unique perfect ceremony.  



Write personalised vows


Write personalised vows with the couple.  The vows for many are the most important aspect of a wedding service.  However, this can be a truly daunting experience to write for yourself.    


With Janice's warmth, experience and guidance she encourages you to explore ideas for your perfect vows, helps you write your declaration and commitment to each other, for life.  Janice loves creating ideas which suit you, based on what you've expressed.


Vows which are created using your own words helps to take the nerves away, because you will be expressing yourself in your own natural style. 



Making dreams come true.


"As Celebrant at the blessing of our wedding, Janice was caring, solution-orientated and professional. She skilfully guided us through ceremony preparations and lead our ceremony with warmth, thoughtfulness and energy. I highly recommend her."

Happiness is the key, enjoyment is the outcome.