Writing the perfect Eulogy can be a most daunting challenge and truthfully, everyone finds this difficult. During a face to face meeting, Janice will learn all about your loved  one and help to write a meaningful and personal tribute in order to help you find a lovely way to remember them.


She will guide you through appropriate readings, music and memories in order to create a sensitive and dignified service. She will manage the event, giving advice and recommendations, making sure you have the support to pay your respects without worrying about the formalities of the day.

A Dignified and Heartfelt Goodbye


Saying goodbye is hard enough. 

Let us help you to create a funeral to honour and celebrate your loved one, with calmness and dignity.


Saying the right thing at the right time...

is essential, and when it's your own loved one this can be extremely nerve wracking.. Trusting your celebrant means that you know things are going to happen when you want them to.

We take the stress out of planning the event, providing appropriate choices and facilitating all of the family's needs.



Personal Eulogies Written with and for you

Janice O'Neill has more than a decade of experience attending funerals professionally and personally, including losing her beloved sister when she was only 36. She genuinely cares about people, wants them to be happy and feel good about themselves. 

She wants to be part of your funeral service because she understands just how difficult or complicated it can be with varied family relationships.

Janice has the skills and natural warmth to ensure you can say goodbye with dignity and love.

Funeral Celebrant Flyer
If you want to show a loved one our information, or read it at your leisure you might want to download our printable flyer.
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